Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mothers Day

Mothers Day came early to me this year.
My eldest daughter is working at a wedding fayre this weekend so asked if we could do something early.
So after a quick pamper session from youngest daughter,we headed for TGI Fridays.
Cocktails and good food and even better company.

Yesterday we had a glorious day weather wise ( i know us Brits always talk about the weather)
Seeing the sun out and feeling its warmth all be it through a window at work was really nice and fills you with the joys of Spring.Most people except this little fellow

He spent nearly an hour attacking his reflection.


  1. Hope you have a lovely day anyway on sunday! We are going away for a long weekend so I probably wont get to see my sons!

  2. Wasn't the sun glorious yesterday? I kept sneaking away from my desk for 2 minutes to "check on the chickens"...funnily enough, today when it was all over cast and drizzly I felt very little need to check on them :o)

  3. Sounds like a lovely mothers day. You look lovely in your photo shoot very glam. Sounds like you deserved a good pampering & special time