Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Last night i was getting my documents up together so i could get my road tax.Upon looking at my MOT i realised it expires on Saturday.
Now this really panicked me as i knew it would need some work doing on it.
I tried everyone i have used before and no one could do it in the time frame.Luckily my eldest daughters friend is a mechanic and she rang him this morning and he said even though he was busy he would take the car for the day and fit it in.
The dreaded call came to tell me it had failed at 5.30.Total cost of repairs is about £ 260 plus cost of MOT.I need rear brake discs and pads plus something to do with the steering rods.So even though it sounds and is alot of money it would have been a heck of a lot more if i had gone somewhere else.
I'm still not in a financial position to have saved for this but i do have the money to pay for it which is a godsend.
Road tax i have saved for i have a Post Office budget account which i can add £5 a time too so that's one less thing to worry about.

Car should be back tomorrow afternoon hopefully all better.


  1. At least you have made some savings it was much cheaper than it would of been elsewhere cars are so expenisve. I am impressed that you saved up all your road tax very disciplined of you I hope to start my car fund in april for things like road tax etc

  2. Cars can be very expensive. Before I wanted my MOT doing I put a notice on Facebook, amongst my friends, and asked for recommendations for a fair, honest, reasonably priced mobile mechanic. I am realy pleased with the contact I have made.

    Ready for next year, set up an email reminder for a month before. Then you will be ready.

  3. I hate the unpredictable nature of MOTs. Fortunately I'm married to a guy who loves fixing cars - but it's still massively inconveniant if things need doing. Jx