Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Things can only get better

Well i blooming hope they do.
Yesterday on way to pick DD2 up from school my car started spluttering and the engine management light came on.I managed to pick her up and stopped around the corner and phone AA.He arrived within the hour and tried to plug the car into his computer to see what the fault was.(Why is everything done via computers now) After having to reboot his computer he finally was able to diagnose the coil had gone and needed replacing.Few more phone calls to source the part which proved impossible(only allowed to go to certain places ) I was taken to a local garage. I'm hoping the part will be easier for the garage to get and it will be fitted today.Luckily i have cover with the AA that covers parts and fitting and i should only have to pay £35.But knowing my luck i will have to pay the £300 and wait for a refund.So fingers crossed.
So today i have an enforced day off.

Last night OH and i were doing paperwork for the records inspection on Friday.We have to match every estimate to every invoice to every bank deposit. Trouble is statements don't give alot of info and dates can be slightly out.Only have 4 more to do,she wants to see 20.which is fortunate because i think we have only deposited 20 payments in this year.All this then has to match up with something else my OH was told to do so thats the job for this evening.If there is a greater force we need some luck on this one please.Dont think i could cope with a full blown investigation..

Loads more family problems going on mainly due to trying to keep DS and DD1 apart which i wont bore you with.
So all in all life is trying and i would certainly love for my luck to change.On a more positive note 2 people stopped to check we were ok yesterday whilst waiting for AA restores your faith in human kindness.
until later


  1. It sounds like its one thing after another at the moment, hopefully the IR will leave you alone after this week. Still, its not all bad you have a lovely weekend to look forward to chin up!

  2. Hello my lovely, thanks for popping in x Sorry to hear about car trouble, it does all seem to be coming at once doesn't it. Hope all goes well on Friday and you have a great time in Paris.

    Try not to stress over DS and DD1, at the end of the day we can pick our friends and not our families and there is nothing on the planet can force us to get along if our personalities clash.

    My mum has had to learn this lesson, as me and 2 sisters don't really get along, although we are there for each other when the chips are really down and brother doesn't really bother with anyone, (mainly due to harsh upbringing). I know it upsets my mum but we've never been a close family and she just has to get over it. It probably bothers you more than them, just let them know you will not be drawn in to taking sides as you love them both x

    Lots of love, talk soon Granny x

  3. It really seems to be one things after another - so sorry to hear about the car, IR and family worries. Sending you loads of best wishes for some clamer time ahead. Jx