Thursday, 5 July 2012

Great customer service

On Tuesday i rearranged my working day to wait in for a parcel i was expecting.Tuesday mid morning i phoned Omlet to confirm it was coming to me,once again they said yes.Mid afternoon i phoned to get a tracking number and was told a mistake had been made and it wasn't coming until Wednesday.I voiced my annoyance calmly and politely and was put on hold.When she came back on the phone i was told the director of Omlet could deliver it to me that evening.I thanked her and said that would be brilliant and if he was passing my way myself and my chickens would really appreciate it.I was then informed he lived 5 mins from Omlet in Oxfordshire an 1 and 1/2 hours from me.True to his word he turned up with my delivery at 7.30 pm.
My chickens love the new freedom they have( evn though we have had one escapee)

So hats off to Omlet for an outstanding customer service.

This little one is so anti social,head hen but hates us all....


  1. That's amazing customer service - very impressive! Jx

  2. Wow...really impressed..great to hear a good story :-)

  3. Nice to hear about great service.

    X x

  4. What a good service. Have you started reading the self sufficiency book yet? I am really tempted to get something simelar but am not sure if its worth it as we have a very small decked garden, and nothing will survive the twins kicking a ball about!

  5. Great to let folk know about good customer service, we should all try and support companies like this.

    I have always found Omlet really helpful, another really good company for chickeny things is Flyte So Fancy, they are so on the ball and always happy and cheerful on the other end of the phone if you have any worries.

    Sue xx