Sunday, 8 July 2012

Keeping Busy

I have tried to keep myself busy this weekend.OH worked as he lost a few days last week because of the rain.
Yesterday i made a pot of jam,only 1 pot as i didn't have a huge amount of strawberries.

When OH finished work he helped a neighbour cut down some huge trees to an acceptable height which run along his boundary.I can see immediately the difference in light this makes to my garden.Its been hard work for OH but we will get the wood which we can dry out for future use.We are still planning on getting a woodburning stove installed so this is planning ahead.Also have been making paper logs,I'm hoping these actually work,I've watched lots of tutorials on them but not heard if they actually work.I'm making them now so they get time to dry out.If they don't work the only thing its cost me is my time.
I'm off to London tomorrow with DD ,she has her interview at the passport office and has to wait for 4 hours afterwards to collect her passport.Didn't want her to do this on her own so I've used credit i had on Red spotted hanky to buy our tickets.

Hope everyone is OK and thanks again for all the lovely comments you have been leaving me.I really appreciate it.
Until later



  1. Good luck tomorrow. And stay strong!

  2. Have a good day in London x

    Gx2 x

  3. Have a good day in London x

  4. Have a good day, there's a lot you can do in 4 hours (or do you have to wait in the building?).

    The trip itself will be nice anyway, just the two of you, a bit of girly time together.

    Sue xx

  5. The paper logs are fairly popular around here so I guess they are good.

    Have a nice day in London x