Saturday, 14 July 2012

Face time

My eldest DD came over for tea last night and of course like most people her phone was never far from her side.Not that i minded as she after plugging into my WiFi,face timed my granddaughters.
What a wonderful idea that is Mr Apple... I was able to talk to them and see them at the same time,It was amazing.I had a guided tour of bedrooms,watched the latest gymnastic moves and best of all was able to see the little one say I LOVE YOU.
DD is going to come over and do this at least once a week.(will set up SKYPE but this has no delay)

Debt busting is going well ,Debt now stands at £4700 so is heading in the right direction.

We still have loads of worry,Tax lady coming back Friday.But on a positive note we escaped Friday 13th without bad things happening and im off to Paris on Friday....
I do feel for OH dealing with her and me being away but if i wasn't going to Paris i would be at work.
Tickets for Eurostar have been emailed to me just planning what we will do once there


  1. That must have been lovely to see the girls, I hope everything goes ok with the tax lady on friday.

  2. That must have been lovely to see the girls, I hope everything goes ok with the tax lady on friday.

  3. So happy that you got to see the girls, its really makes all the difference x

    Don't worry about IR and your OH, it'll be ok and at the end of the day, you've carried enough of the worry for long enough. Maybe he'll appreciate you more if he sees how hard it is to deal with without you there. Have a good day. Not going to wish you merry trip to Paris just yet as I'm bound to talk to you before then x

  4. Oh, it's so awesome that you had a chance to see your granddaughters, even with the help of a technology. An I'm glad your tax busting is going great as well.

  5. So pleased for you that you got to speak to the girls and I can tell from the tone of your post you feel a bit better about the situation having done that. My son is planning to emigrate to Aus next year and I will be devastated because he has four children.If they do go we will get skype.I couldnt bear not to see them growing up.

  6. I bet it was lovely to see them all excited about their new rooms, I have been thinking about you and was hoping you would get to see them soon. x