Monday, 9 July 2012

My poor feet..

I set off from home at 7.30 to pick DD up from her friends.We arrived in good time at the station and had to wait for the 1st off peak train to London.DD was quite excited when i pointed out Matt Allwright catching our train.(Rogue traders) We reached the passport office just in time and after going through security we waited for our number to be called.We were called to the interview at about 11.45.(1/2 hour late).I was allowed to go with her because of her age.It was a farce.all the passport office are behind a counter,just like a post office.He didn't even acknowledge her and not one question was asked and apart from taking details off her old passport,no other documents were looked at.We then had to go to another booth to pay.£129.50 approx £15 extra than normal to pick it up four hours later.
We left the passport office and went had had some lunch then got on a tube to Tower Hill,i wanted to see the Olympic rings.We wondered passed the Tower Of London ,walked over Tower Bridge,then along the southbank.Then back on tube to Victoria to pick up the passport.After a few more tube and train journeys we arrived home at just after 6pm.

Tower of London

The Shard ( i think thats what its called)

Tower Bridge

A musical parade of children celebrating Individuality
DD by one of the many art phone boxes.This one says LOVE LIFE LIVE LONG

It was an expensive day but we enjoyed it,I never get fed up of London.


  1. Glad you had a good day together x

  2. A good day together, but it seems a pretty pointless exercise in having to get a passport that way, why I wonder does the system work this way.

    Sue xx

  3. love the photos, the phone box is great x