Thursday, 25 July 2013


This is an appeal to anyone who may read this in the Blue Mountain area of Australia.

Gary Tweedle age 23 went missing 9 days ago after leaving a function.He is the brother of one of my daughter in laws friends.Please can you check any outbuildings .The search is due to end very soon so its vitally important for people to keep eyes and ears open.
Many thanks and lets hope he returns to his family.

Twyford man Gary Tweddle is missing in the Blue Mountains in Australia


  1. Hiya Honey...I've shared on facebook and asked my family in the Sydney area to share too...hope he is found soon

  2. My guys all sharing this...this one really tugs on my heart strings ;looking at other photos, Gary is a similar age and looks very much like my Josh who is also in Sydney. Another coincidence is that I think I might have gone to school with his dad David (in Slough)...keeping everything crossed for a good outcome as this one strikes especially close to home xxxx

  3. Lets zap this all around the internet and see if we can help. I hope he is found soon.

  4. sending hope Gary is found quickly & safely x

  5. Let's hope he is found soon, safe and well.