Monday, 31 October 2011

My Frugal journey

Today i have been trying to find out how much a new tank will cost, with not much luck DH is going to phone a couple of people up to get a rough idea of a/ how much and b/ how urgent a replacement is needed,I currently have a big baking tin catching the drips alright for the short term.
.DD is out on her driving lesson so whilst its just the 2 of us home we are sat in near darkness just a candle burning, its not cold so heating off as well, it will save us a few pennies on our utilities.
 One of the bloggs i read belongs to Frugal Queen and she has a battery operated light, i have only found torches so would love to know where i can get hold of one that runs on AA batteries as i have a solar charger.
Tea tonight is going to be homemade pizza so i best get off here and start making it.
Another job for this evening is to package up a couple of items that ive sold on ebay,every little helps.

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