Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The week that saw....

3 more birthdays in my household.....
In the last nine days we have had 4 family birthdays, (didnt plan that well did i)

in the last few days i have celebrated my birthday,my nieces and my sons birthday.

I have had some lovely presents ,a Cath Kitson purse, boots a lovely plaque to hang on my Remembrance tree in my garden.I have a couple of books due to me on self sufficiency which i cant wait to receive.

I have managed to get a few reductions in the supermarket,a leg of lamb for £5 which will do nicely for dinner on Friday when DD comes around again served with mint sauce.Im going to try Frugal Queens mint sauce with this one.
Also managed to get some cream reduced which was immediately turned into butter,Just now need to make jam out of the raspberrys i picked up ,reduced of course.

I'm going to try and cut back drastically in August as June and July have been horrendously expensive and i need to get back on track.

The last few days in pictures


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I too bought a leg of lamb (mine was £6, reduced from £12 ... Half price per kg so would have cost £24!) and we had it for Sunday lunch, and I've just made a lamb and spinach curryin the slow cooker, half to eat today and half to go in freezer ... Not bad for £6! Love your thrifty tips, I haven't made butter yet, but have made loads of jam lately.

    I have lots of birthdays coming up ... 3 of my children within 9 days, so I didn't plan very well either!

    Have a wondeful Wednesday

    Love Claire xx

  2. Sorry I didn't get to wish you happy birthday on the day. Hope you enjoyed it. Sound like you had some lovely presents.

  3. Though a little late--Happy Birthday.